Monday, 10 October 2011

When it's coffee time check out these writers

Giving In

By Mamadrama

I am going to enter this room, and you will notice me.

I do not want to hear what you have to say,

Your words will only distract me.
You know why I am here,
You know what I want,

Your move my love, and I believe it is checkmate.
Time to take all my fantasies and make them real.

Do not just sit there, touch me.
Do not just stare at me, taste me.

The power between us is electric,
There will be no other lover that will satisfy you like this again, and you know it.
My hands will guide you only for so long,
As I have my own agenda.

I know that is the spot,
I know that is what you like.
Feel my lust, take it and own it.

Your name is written on my heart, and now it is all over my body.
Don’t say a word my darling, enough has already been said.
Another time, another place.

© Andreea Prusky


The Taste Of A Woman

By Mamadrama

She took me by the hand,
Her skin felt impurely soft and welcoming in mine
She led me to the forbidden tree and offered me the fruit.
I knew what the consequences of my actions were, but as I saw the juices running down her chin, I could not deny my curiosities.

I reached up and touched the drippings and brought them to my mouth.
I was under her spell
There was no going back now.

She approached me slowly, eyes as dark as sin, looking into my soul, finding my desires.
She kissed me delicately, and full of embrace.
I drank her in.

Her taste was of the sweetest wine, her lips plump with passion.
I let go of all my reservations and followed her where ever she directed me too.
Her breasts were supple, her abdomen quivered with each touch.

She placed her lips on my hip bone, and I lost my way.
The pace was careful and seductive.
The mood was hazy and hot.

I was intoxicated with her, and all that she taught me.
When all was to be had, we stay connected, breathing as one.
I took in the smells of her long dark hair and made promises for another day.

I never saw her again, but the door she opened inside of me will never be shut.
There is a longing that always lingers on my lips.
The taste of a woman shall never be forgotten.

© Andreea Prusky


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