Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Wake Up And Smell The Posh Coffee Co.

Wake Up And Smell The Posh Coffee Co

Early one morning.......

Just as the sun is rising
My kettle is boiling
Ready for my first cup of brown nectar....
Coffee !
Not just any coffee
The best freshly ground full of flavour coffee

Source: poshcoffeeco

Smell the Aroma

The air is filled with that just brewed smell
Not just to be sniffed at
But powerfully inhaled
The house is filled with the lovely aroma
What do I make today
Is it to be a Latte
No... a Mocha
Oh no...decisions decisions
I know I'll have a double espresso
For that kick in the butt kickstart to the day.
Anyone wanna join me?
What will you have?
Let me know your thoughts on coffee.
The second most traded commodity on the planet

Source: poshcoffeeco
Source: poshcoffeeco
Source: poshcoffeeco

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